Thursday, July 9, 2009

PTA forum on AH1N1

The scare has somewhat died down due to the mild cases affecting the local victims here but it's still around. About 95% of those affected by the virus has reportedly gotten well, according to the Department of Health. It's a good sign that the AH1N1 virus is but a mild version of influenza.

But as the global pandemic continue to spread around Metro Manila, the local government and school officials together called for a forum with the parents in my daughter's school. Better be informed than sorry.

Stop worrying about it. But continue to wash hands regularly, take Vitamin C to boost immune system, cover mouth when sneezing, temporarily avoid physical contact with persons having flu-like symptoms (but please don't be scared of them and don't discriminate them!), go on a self-quarantine when ill, have a hand sanitizer/alcohol handy wherever you go so you can clean yourself anytime.


  1. Luckily, swine flu has been very mild so far. A friend of mine and her kids had it and everyone is fine now.

  2. " but please don't be scared of them and don't discriminate them!"
    ---thanks alot rochelle, we can always take precaution, but we do not have to act scared of them and much worse, discriminate those with flu like symptoms.

  3. I am still not convinced this will not be a huge problem come the real flu season. It should not even be able to survive this time of year, let alone mutate, and infect more people.

  4. yes! the only thing we can spread this virus is by knowing how not to spread it.

    wash your hands is the safest and easiest way to get rid of germs. bin the tissues you've used when sneezing or coughing....the two main precautions to kill it..


  5. nothing like handwashing. thanks for this post.