Friday, July 10, 2009

COMELEC sets up satellite registrations over NCR

I was having breakfast this morning when I heard this loud megaphone noise going around the neighborhood. It sounded like an important announcement so I looked out the street and listened closely. It was indeed important and just the kind of news I've been wanting to hear - The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has set up a satellite voters registration at our Barangay Hall that's open today and tomorrow, 8 am-4 pm.

A few hours later, I was at the Barangay Hall bringing my company ID, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and NBI clearance. I didn't want to have problems with my identification and be asked to come back with some more documents so I brought them all. I was anticipating such concerns because I'm originally registered in my province, Davao City, and I've only lived here in Manila for a year or so.

But when I got to the Barangay Hall, only one valid ID was asked from me plus my NBI clearance indicating my current address here in the Metro. I was ushered into a room where they took a picture of me and got my fingerprints (and signature) for the Biometrics. In just a few minutes, I was done.

Ask your barangay officials about the schedules for voters registration in your area. Registration satellites have been set up around NCR since April. It's far more convenient than having to go to the COMELEC office and queue up for long hours.

Let us exercise our right to suffrage come May 2010 elections. This is the first step. Go out and register.


  1. that's good news Rochelle, that it went easy for you. at least, you do not have to queue for long hours. now, you're all ready for 2010.

  2. thanks,betchai.yeah,i'm glad i was able to register early. also hoping for a clean election next year.

  3. wow, and you were upbeat, too, heading up to register right away. i admire that sense of responsibility for choosing the leaders we want for our country.

  4. wow!at long last we are looking at progress in registration(voter's)...everything is geared up for 2010!

    hope everyone goes out there and let their voice be heard through the ballot!we want change..this is it! ONE BALLOT COUNTS!!!

  5. wow! progress in voter's registration is at hand, at last!!!everything is gearing up for the big day, 2010!!

    hope everyone will come out and let their voice be heard and be counted! one ballot makes a difference!!