Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell, King of Pop!

Michael Jackson, the legendary king of pop, has passed away. He was 50. Jacko succumbed to cardiac arrest but an autopsy is set to be done today to find out what caused his death. Michael was found lifeless inside his home in California. His personal doctor and other responding paramedics reportedly tried to revive him before he reached the hospital. After more than an hour of attempts to resuscitate him in the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The King of Pop is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II.

The world was shocked to hear this news. Who wouldn't when Michael was expected to hold a comeback concert in London next month? Who could have thought that the concert MJ described as his "final curtain call" would never happen anymore? I realized death can come to anyone at anytime in a blink of an eye. Life is that fragile.

We just lost a music genius...a total performer whose music has lingered on for many decades. I've listened to his songs since I was a kid in the 70's during his stint with his siblings in The Jackson Five, until I worked as a radio DJ in the 90's. I was especially crazy over his 80's hits like Thriller, Beat It,and Billy Jean,among others. In high school, me and my classmates performed to his Smooth Criminal in a school presentation. His songs mark different moments in my life, different milestones.

The Pop Icon may be gone but his music will live on for more generations to come. Rest in peace, Michael J. Thank you for your music.


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  2. we were on trip when the news broke out regarding MJ's death. at first, we just got a news alert that he was in the hospital, then, in the afternoon, it was already his death. i am not really a fan of him, but i do recognize his amazing talent, and i still can remember the days where i also danced ( a lot) in his beat.

  3. I also grew up with Michael Jackson's music so i was saddened by his death. I'm not a big fan but he is a big loss in the entertainment industry.

  4. my sister and i watched his concert in paranaque - the only concert i've ever watched in my life...he's in a better place now.

  5. a day before he died, my neighbor died... she's so nice to me a very good, fine old woman... may they rest in peace.