Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To work or not to work? A mom's throbbing ordeal

Moms usually get the beating when bombarded by the passion to embrace both career and family obligations. Especially when financial constraints set in.

What to do when you need to earn a living yet you can't juggle work and home responsibilities at the same time?

It happened to me and I had no other option but to make a tough decision. I had to decide what to prioritize.

I've been working for the longest time since college and it wasn't easy dumping that over homemaking. At first, I thought it would be a total nightmare spending the whole day keeping house, doing the laundry, preparing food and running errands. That's a total diversion from the more cerebral tasks I was used to doing at work.

I had to weigh my options well and my decision turned out to be the best and boldest I ever made in my whole life.

In case you're facing the same ordeal, maybe the following could help you get to a smart move too.

1. Determine and rank your priorities. Which comes first - career, family or anything else?
2. List down the pros and cons in pursuing those priorities.
3. Talk to your partner about it. Maybe he has some solutions to some of the backlash you listed.
4. Sleep on it several times until you're sure you know what you're getting into. No need to be drastic unless you're awfully pressed by time. Even so, make it the smartest drastic decision you'll ever make.
5. Decide and make your decision work. Deciding and regretting about it even before you even made an effort to make it work is just so lame and pathetic.

It would be a great advantage if your decision matches with that of your partner because there'll be the both of you to pull things through. Remember, marriage is a partnership.

And hey, don't forget to pray and ask for Divine Intervention. That should seal it.

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