Friday, January 30, 2009

Top reasons for unemployment

Lack of competency, lack of training, and high asking salary are three of the main reasons why millions of Filipinos are unemployed, according to the Department of Labor and Employment.

Currently, numbers reach to an alarming 2.6 million Filipinos who remain out of jobs according to DOLE.

It added that the Call Center industry is one of the hard-to-fills in the market.

To address the problem on lack of training, many Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies constantly provide free trainings to successful candidates and even those who fall a little short for their standards but may have potential if given proper training.

Times like these, a college diploma would sometimes not suffice to get you hired.

Labor Secretary Marianito Roque said in news reports that they are initiating moves to deal with the escalating problems on job losses like providing job caravans, trainings and the likes.

Be on the look out for trainings anywhere near you, free or not. Choose the ones that could help you in pursuing your dream job.

Here's an old cliche: Training is expensive. Try ignorance.

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