Tuesday, January 27, 2009

COMELEC sets up sattelite registrations over NCR

I was having breaskfast this morning when I heard a loud megaphone announcing something that sounded very important. Indeed it was. COMELEC has set up a sattelite office for voters registration at the barangay hall for two days - today and tomorrow.

In a few hours, I went to the barangay hall carrying my company ID, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and NBI clearance in one envelope. I didn't want to have problems with identification so I bought everything, lol. Indeed, I was over-prepared. Only one valid ID was asked from me when I got to the barangay hall. But since I'm from Davao City and I've only been here in Manila for a year, I had to supplement my identification with my NBI clearance that states my current address. I was ushered into a room where I had my picture taken and my fingerprints gotten for Biometrics. In a few minutes, I was done. The process was very much like when you're getting a passport except that you don't pay for anything.

Ask your barangay officials about the schedules for voters' registration in your barangay hall. It's much more convenient than queueing up for long hours at the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) office. Let's exercise our right to suffrage come next year' national elections. First things first - register now.

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