Saturday, April 3, 2010

American comedian attacks Pacquiao, Filipinos

Now this is not funny.

American comedian and television host Adam Carolla recently attacked Manny Pacquiao and the entire Filipino nation with invectives that are totally uncalled for. “Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao. Get a fu**ing life as a country," Carolla said.

As if that's not enough, the comedian went on to say "All they have over there (in the Philippines) is Manny Pacquiao and sex stores...Get your sh*t together, Philippines!" 

Here's the gist of the story according to

Adam Carolla starts off his vulgar tirade by bashing Manny for not giving blood before a fight. He then proceeds to say that Manny is off “praying to chicken bones” and that you don’t have to respect him because he’s a “fu**ing idiot”. “Someone has to tell him that it doesn’t make a difference.”[/i]“Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao.”
“Get a fu**in life as a country”
“All you fu**in got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people”
“Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your sh*t together?”
“All they have over there is Manny Pacquiao and sex stores.”
“What happens when Floyd Mayweather beats him? Does your country go into depression?” 

However I try to dissect Carolla's words, I can never find  the slightest humor in them.  How can a comedian of his stature have a brain so minuscule and empty that he doesn't even use it before he opens his foul mouth?  To blatantly say that the Philippines has nothing going but Manny and sex stores is in itself plain ignorance.   To imply that Filipinos are whores and dumb and don't have a life is a serious attack on our country, our culture, on each and every Filipino, whether or not we're boxing fanatics.

These racial comments by a supposedly comedian is not funny at all.  And how sad that he has an influential  platform to abuse with his irresponsible tirades.  Something has to be done to modern-day racists like Carolla. Here's the video if you want to piss yourself off:




  1. I am sorry someone from my country degraded someone from yours. Unfortunately comedians think they have to be cruel, and crass to get people to laugh at them, and get free attention and publicity. It is a shame really.

  2. I remember some old videos of Comedy Central's " The Man Show" and so that's where I first saw him. He's the other guy alongside Jimmy Kimmel only Kimmel was the one who rose to stardom and Carolla was one who failed to make it big on tv.

    Carolla was an epic fail in his "Howard Stern" move. He tried to use a group of people by slandering them to elevate himself and his career. He's so pathetic that he's a comedian and he's not funny and compared to Manny, he's a nobody. Manny made it to Time, once again. And once more, I'd say it, Carolla is a nobody. He just wants his fifteen minutes.

  3. Hi Rochelle, I just saw this video this morning and I was really pissed off and I'm about to post something about this on my blog. His comments are downright offensive and ignorant. It demean our rich culture and our nation.

    I really hate the idea that "comedians" like him can get a free pass to insult people. It's not funny and it's stupid.

  4. he's not worth it. don't worry about him. we know what we are, and his slander doesn't make us anything less.

  5. It's crystal clear he just wanted publicity by riding on the popularity of Manny. He's not worth our attention. Don't you know he is a loser----even early in life?

  6. Yes Adam Carolla is a racist but racism has many faces and sometimes it's also among us. Vice Ganda as a comedian crossed the line by ridiculing Manny Pacquiao and his family specially his mom Dionisia in one of his shows in Punchlines. I was there. It's a comedy bar and I'm a big fan of stand-up comics but it's too much for a comedy. That video mught be in youtube already cuz people were recording at that time. Then here comes Malu Fernandez, the aunt of senator Zubiri, insulting OFWs in her People Asia article.

    What Carolla did was very wrong but how about our local tv sitcoms & movies mocking bisaya-speaking people on the way they speak? It's typecasting even though some people in Luzon also have p-f errors in their pronunciations.

    You got insulted when Carolla made fun of Filipinos, we're on the same boat but I also get insulted when other Filipinos make fun of other Filipinos.

  7. MJ- Thanks for the inputs. You definitely have a point there especially about the bisaya mockery in sitcoms. I am proud to be bisaya and i speak my dialect for all i care. I didn't know about what Vice Ganda said nor about Malu Fernandez,i'll look them up on the Web. Such a shame for fellow Filipinos to malign each other. Thanks for the heads-up.