Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michael Jackson's choreographer with the Cebu Dancing Inmates

The Cebu Dancing Inmates did it again, grabbing global prominence over the Web and other broadcast media via YouTube.  They initially made huge waves around the world when they performed Michael Jackson's Thriller, which spread like a viral video on the Internet.. This time, they cooked up something bigger with the help of Michael Jackson's choreographer, Travis Payne, and MJ's dancers themselves! Payne taught the dancing inmates the steps to "The Drill," the last choreography he and MJ did for the concert This Is It before the King of Pop died.

I couldn't help but share it with you, guys. Enjoy the video!


  1. Hi sis..di ako ang gumawa ng badge ko. si dhemz ang gumawa noon kasi di rin ako marunong hehehe pero wala sya ngayon eh..on vacation pa dito sa pinas. pero sabi nya..upload lang daw ang 125x125 pics mo sa photobucket then makaka kuha ka na daw ng code doon pero di ko pa na try...hehe

  2. hi sis...i deleted my post about house (kuno) of Manny Villar...it found out that it was really a black proganda..it was my cousin in the states sent those pictures to me...well, i emailed her back that it was not true. Anyhow, i won't still vote for him. I am on Noy-noy and Mar..hehe...thanks for the info on that post...