Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Template at last

I got a new template at last, after several failed attempts. Thanks a lot to those who left comments and links to sites with FREE blogger templates.  I'm grateful for your attention and effort to help.  You deserve a thank-you space on this humble PR2 blog of mine.  May the tribes of helpful bloggers like you increase. Yay!

1. Melissa
2. Robert Miller
3. Kat
4. LeoMar
5. SixFeetUnder
6. Daisy
7. Rachele
8. Kanishk


  1. wow! rochelle, this is one cool template and design. fresh,sharp and very friendly looking and quite inviting, too!..

    well done you...

  2. I love the new template. It looks great.

  3. I agree with the previous commentators. The first thing I noticed once I entered the blog was the design of the feed link on top. I was just scrolling down your main page and I saw first the article where you said that you were looking for a new template and I thought "but this template looks great. She's still looking for something?" Congratulations on the new template. It has a very professional look.