Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sometimes sorry is just not enough

So Boyet Fajardo has come to his senses. He recently apologized on national television about the Duty Free freaking incident. But was he sincere? He didn't even know the correct surname of Marvin Fernandez, the cashier he ridiculed as a fagot (when he himself is of the same legion!) and made to kneel before him at the counter. What fumed me even more was that he continued to justify his actions...What temerity! The nerve! Here's to you, Boyet Fajardo - You're despicable!


  1. you are right. the NERVE!. i saw the incident on TFC. sobra star sa ulo. apology is not enough for this guy.

  2. I saw you were interested in exchanges. I'm following you now!

  3. I don't think that the apology is enough. I'm still supporting the boycott of all his signature labels.
    Leomar’s Den

  4. Its a shame that I bought some of his designer clothes years ago. :(

    Sorry is never an option for what he did. Let him taste the consequences. Sorry got carried away.

    But just the same, these people should learn the right way to deal with people, even if it means learning it the hard way. ;)