Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Duty Free scandal: how to behave like a dog by Boyet Fajardo

I felt my blood boil when I watched this video. This is the height of arrogance and there simply isn't a room for excuses why this certain Boyet Fajardo humiliated this Duty Free cashier who was merely doing his job anyway!

I didn't know Boyet Fajardo from Adam until this video circulated in the Web. It was only then that I learned that he's a designer and that his creations are being sold in big malls here in the Philippines. So? Does that (or any other accomplishments he may have) give him the right to demand for somebody, right in public view, to kneel before him or else he'll be slapped? Nobody has the right to do that to anyone!

What triggered it, you say? Duty Free Fiesta Mall cashier Marvin Fernandez asked Fajardo to present an ID with signature so he could process the latter's credit card purchases. Fajardo got irked and started badmouthing the cashier. He was rather surprised and insulted that the cashier didn't recognize him, thinking obviously that he's somebody as popular as a movie star. "Hindi nyo ba ako kilala? (Don't you know me?), " he ranted. The nerve!

He should have been glad instead of mad that the cashier was prudent in protecting his credit card.

I'm having a hard time figuring out if that Fajardo (I don't even wanna add a "Mr." to his name) is fit for a dog...because even dogs have manners.


  1. ay hayuf! Sobra naman sya! Sino ba sya? Naku, hindi nga sya kilala ng taga Manaila, how much more kung dito samin nangyari yun..lolz
    baka hindi lang ganyan inabot namin...

    Very bad behavior for such a feeling celebrity.lolz

    Ay regarding with ur question sa business...ne blogger ka? it looks like 3 months pa lang ksi.

    anyway, our stocks ksi galing US. Nag invest talaga ang parents ng bro in law ko..taz kmi ng mga kapatid ko nag sosyo..buti nga jan sa inyo sa manila mura....khit mag start ka lng ng 30-50K

  2. Celebrity or not, bad behavior is inexcusable. Not sure why he would expect a store clerk to recognize him? Designers aren't that well known.