Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Press Secretary Remonde dies

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde passed away at 11:51 am yesterday, according to a doctor from Makati Medical Center where he was rushed and tried to revive.   Remonde was reportedly found unconscious inside his home earlier and wasn't breathing when he was brought to the hospital.  All efforts to revive him failed.  He suffered cardiac arrest at about 9:30 am and was brought to the hospital at 11:20 am.

Remonde was among the first batch of apointees under the mandate of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

During his stint as press secretary, we saw him tackle, belie, or defend (and get grilled gazillion times over) issues surrounding the present administration, even PGMA's alleged breast implant. Remonde was also heckled by members of the media when he tried to join an indignation rally of journalists last December, demanding justice for the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre. He was called names like "tuta" (puppy) and puppet.  

Despite the challenges of his job being the press secretary of a controversy-riddled administration and President, Remonde seemed to be in top shape. But according to his personal physician, Dr. Anthony Leachon, the press secretary's “risk factors” were a bit high. He was hypertensive, and had coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Death comes like a thief in the night.  You'll never know when you're gonna breathe your last.   Did the pressures of the ever demanding job add up to his health risks?   Makes me wonder.

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