Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ampatuan Massacres: From backhoe to chainsaw and now, using child assassins?

Seems like a lot of skeletons are coming out of somebody's closet since the Ampatuan Massacre horrified the whole world three weeks ago and it all stinks horribly bad.  First, the Commission on Human Rights received reports about chainsaw massacres allegedly perpetrated by the same suspects in Maguindanao way before the November 23 massacre happened where 57 people including women and journalists were butchered and peppered with bullets then buried by a backhoe.  

New witnesses have apparently surfaced to give hints on another "mass grave" where the hapless victims were either chainsawed to death or buried alive. "These “hints" and “whispers" alleged that 200 more were murdered, some of whom were reportedly even chainsawed to death," the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said on this report. 

As if that's not enough, here's another skeleton fresh from the closet screaming in headlines that read

Ex-child assassin: 'I killed hundreds for the Ampatuans.' 

I cringed when I read this over Yahoo News:  "A man who admits to have worked as a child assassin for the powerful Ampatuan clan based in Maguindanao province came forward with "shocking" testimony of mass murders carried out by young boys in the service of the Ampatuan family."

You can read the entire story here.

The news report further said:
"Abdul (not his real name) said he and 30 other young boys had been brought to a training camp in the mountains of South Upi municipality in Maguindanao, around 32 miles southeast of Sultan Kudarat.  He claimed they were trained by Palestinians and Indonesians in combat tactics.

"Para ring sundalo 'yong training kasi iba 'yong pagturo sa amin. Lahat nandoon na, parang paghawak ng baril, pagputok at pagtutok ng baril sa tao. (We were trained like soldiers. Everything was there, like how to hold a gun, how to aim a gun and how to shoot a person)," Abdul said.
From then on, Abdul said, murder became a normal routine. He alleged that he carried out kill orders without question and without knowing whether the victims had done anything wrong."

He further said that whoever questions the bosses will be killed in an instant.  Reading the news, I almost forgot that I wasn't reading a storyline for an old Paquito Diaz movie or any story, be it in comics or film, that only a Carlo J. Caparas could concoct. What I thought could only happen in movies could actually be happening in real life.   What kind of savages would teach innocent children to kill?   What kind of monsters would claim the lives of many all in the name of power and money?

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?

May all these cases get speedy resolutions and these "whispers" and "hints" hold water for a solid case.  In the end, may all the hapless victims of these murders be given justice and the perpetrators be punished without any political protection and prejudice.    






  1. The power of the internet, and the blogosphere as shown how powerful it can really be in these kinds of cases. With the whole world knowing what happened, it really forces the issue, for something to be done. Congrats to all of you who were brave to blog about it, and get the word out.

  2. This is very despicable. Are we becoming one of those war-torn African countries who drug kids and then give them guns?