Monday, April 20, 2009

Red Cross member released by Abu Sayyaf

Good grief. Andreas Notter, one of the three International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) members abducted by the Abu Sayyaf last January 15 has been released.

Philippine National Red Cross chairman Richard Gordon said Notter was freed by his abductors, in contrast to military's claim that he's been rescued. Notter reportedly noticed his guards disappearing one by one until he was left walking alone and was eventually found by government troops in Indanan Sulu last April 18. According to Notter, the Abu Sayyaf members who were guarding him fell back to tie shoes and disappeared for other reasons until he noticed he was alone.

Red Cross insists they paid no ransom.

Other ICRC captive, Mary Jane Lacaba, was earlier released last April 2. Only one ICRC member, Italian Eugenio Vagni, remains in captivity by the notorious Muslim extremists. Vagni is said to be suffering from hernia and is in dire need of medical attention.

Hopefully, the Abu Sayyaf decides to free Vagni the soonest time possible. Sometimes I get to wonder why these terrorists love to target the good and valuable people in society like Red Cross volunteers and local teachers. Why won't they kidnap some wealthy politicians who are known to be corrupt and abusive? If they really itch to terrorize, they might as well terrorize the bad guys. GRRRRR!


  1. That is such good new, hopefully now the others will be released soon, as well.

  2. for now, we are just waiting for another one to get out of these terrorist's care. I am still doubting if they didn't really pay the ransom, but who cares? What I am concerned of is that they are all alive and free (oh yea, except for one).

  3. Hopefully Eugenio Vagni will be released soon. What a terrible thing to have to live through.

  4. that is good news, the scare and the pain is unimaginable to be held captive, i hope the other one will soon be released.

  5. This is good to hear. Let's hope Vagni is released soon, too. It's terrible that people who are trying to do good are targeted.

  6. There is a text message circulating that a 50M ransom was paid for the bandits to release Andreas Notter. True or not, the important thing is the Red Cross volunteer was released. I just hope that Vagni will be released soon.