Thursday, January 22, 2009

How much are we doing to save the planet?

A couple of days ago, I was having my time in the world marveling in the awesome view of the Marikina River. The local government has made a great job in cleaning up what used to be a hopeless mess.

The river has been cleared of floating garbage and water plants. No clutters of junks and fallen leaves around the banks either. The surroundings were impressively clean. Or so I thought.

Several steps from where I relished my view, I saw a middle-age guy tossing something into the water. And then I smelled it. The smell of rotten meat. Two other passersby exclaimed with deep resentment what they saw that I didn't. The man just tossed into the river a dead cat.

We would have wanted to confront the man but he left in a hurry. Maybe he knew what we were thinking. And maybe he knew what he was doing was absurdly wrong.

It's appalling to witness things like this especially when you weren't able to do something about it. It's appalling that some people care less or maybe nothing about the environment.

"It's just one dead cat," the guy may have reasoned. But if all of us have that same point of view, it won't take so long for us to kill our rivers, our seas...our planet.

Are we doing anything to save it?

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