Sunday, May 9, 2010

Filipinos troop to polls for 1st automated nat'l elections today

Note: This is a repost from my femmepower blog.
Today is a historical day for us, Filipinos. Today, we cast our votes on the first-ever national and local automated elections.   Gone are the days when we had to manually write down our candidates, and wait for several weeks for all the votes to be counted and tallied manually by our modern-day heroes we call teachers.
I don’t wanna delve on the countless lives sacrificed in the name of protecting the sanctity of ballots or those lives wasted to crooks wanting to cling to power during the past elections nor do I wanna delve on the possibility of the automated elections to be rigged (or being rigged) by the powers that be.  I would like to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Just last week, a few days before the elections, Smartmatic and the Comelec recalled thousands of defective compact flash cards after a series of tests in various precincts showed blatant glitches.  The total number of votes counted by the pcos machines did not tally with those of the manual count results.  Candidates with no votes during the test appeared to have votes in the pcos machine, and vise versa.  It was a glaring proof that the compact flash cards, which were blamed by Smartmatic for the glitch, could indeed be programmed and could make a non-winning candidate win and make winning candidates lose.  Though the said compact flash cards have been recalled and reprogrammed, there is already a cloud of doubt hovering the veracity or reliability of the automated elections.

I’ve voted for the candidates that I believe could and would bring positive changes to this country.  Those who have the track records of working for the benefit of many Filipinos sans the press releases.  Those who have the credibility, political will, and morality in governance.   I just pray that my votes and those of my fellow Filipinos will be counted appropriately and don’t go to the wrong names, as what happened during the tests last week.   God save the Philippines.

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  1. dang it i didn't get to vote! i lined up to one of the craziest line ever in my entire life. 3 hours of waiting and we were still half-way.

    havta catch a boat back to where i work so i left, without that indelible ink on my pointing finger. sad.